Wednesday, 18 September 2013


I've got a  bit of a secret, and I didn't really want to tell anyone about it. But then Giles Bloody Deacon went and sort of made it impossible to keep it secret anymore, and so now I have to tell you. About Mr Drawbertson. Or Donald Drawbertson. Or actually, Donald Robertson if you must use his proper name (I don't). 

He's one of my instagram obsessions. By day he is the Head of Creative Development for make up brand Bobbi Brown, and with every other moment of spare time he's an artist / doodler / whimsical pop art painter and duct-tape art maker, with his own obsessions for giraffes, long legged ladies, and lips. 

Mr Deacon saw some prints that Mr Drawbertson posted, and decided to use as a print in his most recent LFW show. Here's hoping there's more collaborations down the line, quite fancy getting my hands on some of these. 

If you want to add him to your feed you can find more @donalddrawbertson 

All images nicked with love from his instagram page... 

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